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Serives provided by the cooperative

  • office work
  • manual labour
  • catering
  • hospitality and tourism related services
  • agriculture
  • retail activities
  • other of a similar nature

The cooperative intervenes and supports persons with disability working in various employment settings. Some of these include:

  • Open employment

employment in the open labour market; job coaching and follow-on support provided

  • Assisted employment

employment in open work settings where continuous on the job support is provided

  • Work gang

a group of people providing services in various employment settings upon request

  • Sheltered employment

an accredited occupationally-oriented facility, that employs disabled persons


Human resources and expertise

  • Experienced trainers on site – coordinate work, assign tasks and deal with every day issues at the workplace
  • Regular on site visits by management + telephone support
  • Emergency meetings
  • Yearly reviews/appraisals
  • Referral to other service providers where neccessary

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